PCB manufacturing services

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An overview of our services

Supply Chain Management

Specializing in hybrid supply chain management combining the benefits of turnkey and consignment using strategic distribution and direct channels. Dedicated quick turn and prototype procurement specialists on staff.

PCB Assembly

Printed circuit assembly: SMT; PTH; mixed-technology; box-build; BGA & micro-BGA, fine and ultra-fine pitch; 0201’s. BGA Rework and X-Ray available. 

Box Build

Complex multilevel systems integration and test including power management, thermal management, displays, storage devices, and interconnects integrated with enclosures.

Cables & Interconnects

Automated cutting, crimping, and terminating of solid, stranded, or coaxial wires and cables.


Configuration management supporting complex custom hardware / software configurations including IP / MAC address programming, embedded serial numbers, custom pack-out services, and date / lot number / configuration encoding.


Custom packaging, rapid order deployment, and logistical support for delivery into the distribution channel or directly to the end user.


Material risk mitigation, obsolete component management.

Repair & Refurbishment

Warranty out-of-warranty repairs, refurbishment services, and advance replacement management.

Design Support

Printed circuit design and layout support; design for manufacturability reviews; design for test reviews; in-circuit and functional test fixture development assistance.

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