Whether for product redesign or recall campaigns, traceability is a crucial element of production and quality control at the highest level. Since we work for many Automotive clients, we are fully equipped for traceability.

And naturally, our other clients in Medical or Industry benefit from that as well.

2D code lasering

Labeling and 2D code lasering

We have two traceability technologies in-house: labeling and 2D code lasering. Both are applied at high speeds and with the greatest possible precision.

The data ‘behind’ the codes are recorded accurately and in full at the batch- and product levels. We use our own Semecs database for this purpose, which allows us to make all possible links.

Label scanning

Lean PCB manufacturing facility

We provide our PCB manufacturing services from our 50,000-square-foot lean manufacturing facility in Palm Bay, Florida, U.S.A.

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